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Welcome to Damian Ward's site ...
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Clifden Harbour dot com is expanding it's horizons ...
"Boldly going where no one ..." ... well not really ... just following the Space News.

This is where I will be posting my space news updates

Mars Mission Updates as posted by "Martian Colonist" on youtube

One particular guy I'll be following is Ryan MacDonald ... who also bloggs as "Martian Colonist"
Ryan MacDonald is one of the final 100 candidates (out of 200,000) in Mars One's Astronaut Selection Process.
Here's a 5 min video about that ... click here

Another, because he bloggs on youtube, every Monday is Joe Scott ... catch up with him here
but I think you should start with this one ... NASA vs SpaceX: Who Will Get To Mars First?
He has also started a Thursday session.

Next here should be Isaac Arthur and I'll expand on him soon.
This man is great for education (of me, at least) if you can get over his acsent (He calls it a speech impediment)

I'll aslo be mentioning and linking others whose bloggs I'm following,
as well as the industry leaders, or those making the news.

Click on logo for website .. .NASA's Launch Schedule for 2018 can be found here.

Click on logo for website . . Spacex


I'm likely to be adding stuff here, maybe even daily, so please do read through each time.


And here should be ... starting at the top, going down in time, my most recent "Home Page" shortcuts.
So if you didn't get a chance to see my "Yesterday's Post" you can catch up here.


"Blue Origin"Launch (6min Video)

Spacex and Boeing have competition
today Sunday 29th April


Posted on my "Home Page" ... 26th April 2018
Spacex "BFR" Update (7min Video)


Spacex BFR Is Starting To Take Shape

This stuff will be changing so fast ... near daily check needed


Posted on my "Home Page" ... 19th April 2018
This 19 min video is the basis of what I;ll be following

Mars Mission Update: October 2017


My recent peak in interest in this and reason to follow it all is because of, 6th February 2018,
Spacex launch and landing of their Falcon Rockets, a major mile marker in reusability of rockets.


Now, Let's see what's out there !!!

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