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Beaufort Scale Explained

Force 8 is known as Gale Force ... Force 9 is Strong Gale Force
Force 10 is known as Storm Force ... and Force 11 is Violent Storm Force
After this, 74mph to 95mph, it's in to Category 1 Hurricane strength.
96mph to 110mph is in to Category 2 Hurricane strenght.
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Update 4pm, Thursday, 22nd Dec 2016 --- Words from the Met Office:
"West to southwest force 5 to 6 and very gusty. Backing south to southwest overnight and gradually increasing force 8 to strong gale force 9, further increasing storm force 10 in parts early tomorrow Friday as winds veer west to southwest.".

To me the worst of "Barbara" will affect us, here in Clifden, approx 3am Friday with 43mph gusting 61mph by 6am..

Report 6pm, Tuesday, 20th Dec 2016
The first named storm of Winter 2016/17 was "Angus", on 20th Nov, but did not affect us here.
The second was named just today, it is "Barbara" and looks likely to affect us here Friday through Sunday.
A couple of days ago forcasts where showing possible gusts of 70+mph here.
Today the forcasts are showing a little less than that, but still in the mid 60mph range for Friday through Sunday.

From here up is Winter 2016 / 2017

"Jake" - New Report: 2pm Tuesday 1st March 2016
There is a Storm Warning in operation for tonight. Below is from Met Eirean:
"Westerly gale or strong gales this evening and tonight on all coasts of Ireland and on the Irish Sea with storm force winds on coasts from Carnsore Point to Valentia to Rossan Point. Issued at 12:00 on 1-Mar-2016".
XC and Windguru currently showing the worst here to be about 3am with 52mph gusting 70mph
YR are showing the worst to be later than that at about 10am with full storm force 10.
Afternote: I clocked 51mph on my doorstep at 3:20am

"Imogen" - Update Monday 8th January 2016
From Met Eireann: "Marine Weather Warnings - STATUS ORANGE - Gale Warning:
Gale force west to northwest winds today on all Irish coastal waters and on the Irish Sea,
with winds reaching strong gale to storm force for a time this afternoon
on coasts from Carnsore Point to Mizen Head to Slyne Head. Issued: Monday 08 February 2016 12:00

Report Sunday 7th January 2016
From Met Eireann:
"An Atlantic depression will track eastwards and bring storm force winds to southwest and southern coasts of Ireland
on Sunday night and Monday morning. Consequently this feature will be called Storm Imogen."
Current forcasts showing the peak here in Clifden to be about midday Monday with 52mph gusting 67mph.
Afternote: Max I recorded was 47mph approx 3pm Sunday and 46mph approx 3pm Monday.

"Henry" - New Report: Sunday 31st January 2016
Met Eirean has named this system as Storm "Henry". This is what they say:
" On Monday afternoon winds will reach storm force 10 between Slyne Head and Malin Head. Issued at 16:30 on 31-Jan-2016".
XC is currently showing the peak to be Monday 3pm with 47mph gusting 66mph, here in Clifden.
Afternote: I had multiple gusts of 50mph Monday, peaking at 16:30 (4:30pm) Monday with 58mph gust.

"Gertrude" - New Report: Friday 29th January 2016
Monday's weather did not get a name even though the forcast was for 49mph gusting 72mph, in Clifden.
The forcasted peak of last night / this morning's weather was 46mph gusting 68mph at 3am but this one is named "Gertrude".
Just like Monday's weather, this morning at 3:40am, I did clock 50mph gust on my doorstep.
As I am now only reporting here on wind forcasts of 50mph or higher with gusts of 70mph or higher, I did not post advanve notice.

New Report: Monday 25th January 2016
I am now only reporting here on wind forcasts of 50mph or higher with gusts of 70mph or higher.
I have been watching this system coming for a while but only last night did the forcast increase to breach the 70mph gusts
now showing a windy night with the peak of 49mph gusting 72 mph for Tuesday morning about 6am.
Afternote: The night didn't turn out too bad here.
I clocked 42mph on my doorstep during the night but the highest I clocked was 50mph at 10:40am.

New Report: 3pm Friday 1st January 2016 ... and Happy New Year to ye all.
Monday will be interesting, as the centre of the next depression sits on us,
expect low barometer, 970mb, but almost no wind and maybe clear skies about midday.
The next threat looks like Thursday ... a bit early to say yet ... but it looks to be shaping up to be nasty.
Windyty dot com gives a good image of how it's shaping up ... step forward to midday Thursday 7th.
Afternote: that system didn't spahe up at all.

Update 1pm Wednesday 30th December 2015.
That, for me, was a non runner, at least here in Clifden. I did clock 38mph gust at 4:45am and the Boat Club did clock almost 50mph.
There are gale warnings and weather warnings in place but I don't see it here. Lots of rain maybe tomorrow.
I believe there is already talk of "Gertrude" ... Friday maybe but I'm not convinced. Not for here. We'll wait and see how it all develops.

"Frank" - Update Midday Tuesday 29th December 2015.
This Storm "Frank" is upon us, although I'm not feeling the winds quite yet here, I'm sure it won't be long now.
Current forcasts show 39mph gusting 53mph from midday, up to 47mph gusting 68mph by 3pm,
The peak seems to be 6am Wed morning with 53mph gusting 69mph and barometer down to 980mb, allowing the tides to rise a bit.
As we are on a medium tide at the moment, not a big Spring, I don't think the pier wall will be breached, even with a storm surge.

Update 6pm Monday 28th December 2015.
Tomorrow's weather now seems to have been named winter storm "Frank" ... no surprise really, I called that a week ago.
Current forcasts show the peak to be 9pm Tuesday with 49mph gusting 71mph from the south with lots of rain.
The next threat is Friday with similiar winds.

Update 3pm Sunday 27th December 2015.
Warning of Gales tonight through Monday morning with gusts up to 60mph possible, here in Clifden.
Today's forcast is showing the worst, here in Clifden, to be approx 6pm Tuesday with 51mph gusting 71mph from the South.
As these systems get closer the forcasts are more accurate.

New Report 3pm Saturday 26th December 2015.
There seems to be multiple systems approaching us with threats of Gale or Strong Gales over the next few days.
I am watching, again, Tuesday / Wednesday in particular.
Forcasts currently showing the peak to be approx 6am Wed with 56mph gusting 82mph from the south.

"Eva" - Update Midday Thursday 24th December 2015.
The worst of "Eva" seems to have passed us.
I clocked 43mph early this morning. the Boat Club clocked 60mph and Barry clocked 66 knots, that's 76mph, that's Hurricane strength.
Next week's storm is now being forcast to pass to the west and north of us. If so it shouldn't affect us here.

Update 6pm Wednesday 23rd December 2015.
This one has been named "Eva". It should be short lived and back to normal high wind by morning.
I'm still watching next week though. Tues/Wed/Thurs ... too early to tell yet ... but could be the worst winds of this winter, so far.
I'm fairly sure it WILL be named "Frank" and is currently looking to be a very windy and a very long Wed ...
Current forcast showing the day to have 60 plus mph gusts all day long ... peaking at 9am 64mph gusting 84mph ... this may change !!!

Report Midday Tuesday 22nd December 2015.
While it will be windy today and tomorrow with a possible peak Wed 6pm with 49 gusting 69mph ...
I'm watching a new threat for next Tuesday 29th Dec.
Yesterday it was forcasting 70mph gusts but today they are showing 66mph gusting 96mph possible here... this may change again.
After note: Tuesday Met Eireann named this one Eva.
I didn't comment on this one earlier because I genuinely didn't think it would be as bad as forcast and wouldn't get a name.
I clocked 45mph, in the shelter of my doorstep, at just after 1am Wednesday morning.
Will comment later on what Wednesday evening / night brings.

Update 2pm Wednesday 9th December 2015
The forcast is still showing 45 gusting 64mph, F9 & F10, for this afternoon but shows the wind settling to near gale F7 by evening.
The Coast Guard has just announced, on the VHF, a new Storm Warning, saying possible Storm Force 10 this afternoon.
2:50pm and I have just clocked 48mph on my doorstep.

New Report Monday 7th December 2015
The next one to watch looks likely to peak here midday Wednesday ... Currently forcasting 47 gusting 68mph.
I don't think this one will be named.

"Desmond" - Update 1pm Friday 4th December 2015
This weather system has now been named "Desmond".
"Desmond" is now with us and looks to be with us through to Saturday night. Lots of wind and lots of rain.
Forcasts currently showing peaks to be this evening about 6pm with 47 gusting 69mph and Saturday 3pm with 49 gusting 71mph.
After note: I clocked 49mph on my doorstep Fri at 7:15pm. The Club station went down on Friday (batteries???).

Update 6pm Thursday 3rd December 2015
Yup, we're back to two days of strong winds. This weather system has not been named ... well not yet anyway.
Both Friday, tomorrow, and Saturday are looking likely to have Strong Gale 9 with gusts to Violent Storm Force 11.
Current forcasts are showing Gales or Strong Gales Friday through Saturday with two peaks.
Currently forcasting Fridays peak, in Clifden, to be 6pm with 49 gusting 70mph and Saturday at 3pm 51gusting 74mph.

Update 4pm Wednesday 2nd December 2015
Those strong winds for Friday / Saturday are still being forcast. It might now just be Friday, but all day.
Current forcast is showing the worst to be, 51mph gusting 72mph, about 6pm Friday evening, here in Clifden.

New Report Monday 30th November 2015
While tomorrow, Tuesday, will be windy, I'm now watching the next bit of weather coming on Friday / Saturday.
Currently it looks fairly serious and probably will be the next named winter storm ... "Desmond". More possible gusts of 70mph.

"Clodagh" - Update Midday Sunday 29th November 2015
This weekend's weather has now been named winter storm "Clodagh".
I think the worst for today has just about passed, or nearly.
The Boat Club clocked 60mph winds with gusts of 70mph. I clocked 49mph on my doorstep.
There are still more high winds forcast for Tuesday.

Update 11am Saturday 28th November 2015
This morning's forcast is showing the worst to be about 9am on Sunday morning, 46 gusting 66mph possible.
The lull is still showing for Monday, before blowing Tuesday again.
Tuesday's forcast has been downgraded a little, now showing 40 gusting 60mph possible.
Clifden Boat Club did clock 50mph winds this morning with 60mph gusts. I had 47mph on my doorstep.

Update 2pm Friday 27th November 2015
This weekend's weather has not been named as a winter storm, by the Met Office... not yet anyway.
Today's winds will slowly increse through Saturday and Sunday morning,
currently showing a peak at 6am Sunday, possible gusts of 60mph.
A substantial lull on Monday before blowing again on Tuesday with possible gusts of 70mph Tuesday night. Lots of rain throughout.

Report 5pm Wednesday 25th November 2015
We've now had winter storms Abigail and Barney. Could this weekend's weather be Storm Clodagh ?
Alot of wind forcast for the weekend, currently showing a peak on Sun night / Monday morning, maybe with gusts to 70mph

"Barney" - Update 1pm Wednesday 18th Nov:
Looks to be quite windy for a few days yet, but the worst of "Storm Barney" should be past us here by tonight.
Having said that I have clocked gusts of 43mph, on my doorstep, more than once already today.

Report 6am Tuesday 17th Nov:
Looks like another good blast coming through today. Met Office has issued a "Storm Warning".
Current forcasts showing the peak to be around 3pm with 48mph, gusting 64mph, here in Clifden.

Current forcasts showing the peak to be around 3pm with 48mph, gusting 64mph, here in Clifden.

"Abigale" - Update 3pm Thurs 12th Nov 2015:
Like I said, these winds will be here for a while. I clocked 47mph today, Boat Club clocked 60mph, and Mace Head clocked 72mph.
This storm is named "Abagail" and will be joined by Ex Hurricane "Kate" by Saturday.

Update Midday Wed 11th Nov 2015:
These high winds, gales and strong gales, look like they are with us through Sunday 15th Nov.
Possibly gusting up to 60mph any day, current forcast shows possible peak of 47mph gusting 67mph Sat morning.

Report Tues 10th Nov 2015:
More wind on Thursday 12th, currently forcasting the peak to be in the afternoon with 48pmh gusting 68mph.

Update 2pm Mon 9th Nov 2015:
While it will remain windy for the night ahead, I think the worst has passed us.
In the shelter of the Harbour I clocked a max of 40mph, the Boat Club clocked 45mph and Mace Head clocked 58mph.

Update 1pm Sun 8th Nov 2015:
Windy night ahead with possible 45mph gusting 63mph winds early Monday morning 3am, here in Clifden.
45mph is the top end of Gale Force 8 ... and 63mph is the top end of Storm Force 10 ... just an FYI.

Update 4pm Sat 7th Nov 2015:
Forcasts still showing possible 45mph gusting 64mph winds early Monday morning 3am.

Update 12 midday Fri 6th Nov 2015:
We are still looking at a lot of wind Sun/Mon/Tues.
The peak still looking like Monday morning, currently showing 44mph gusting 63mph here in Clifden. Of course this may change.

Report 2pm Thurs 5th Nov 2015:
The third system of this winter, that I'm watching, with possible Storm Force winds, is still a threat to us Sun/Mon/Tue.
Currently showing the peak to be Monday morning with 45mph gusting 60mph.

Update 11am Wed 4th Nov 2015:
The two systems threatening us, now seem to be passing further north, giving only possible gusts of 47mph early Friday morning.
There is now another system after these two, which will affect us Sun/Mon/Tues currently showing possible max gusts of 60mph on Mon.

Update 12pm Tue 3rd Nov 2015:
Yesterday evening showed 53mph gusting 74mph for Friday midday. Today they show near gale, F7, Friday morning
and a gale, F8, on Monday afternoon. This may change and will be more accurate as it comes closer.

Update 1pm Mon 2nd Nov 2015:
This one is proving hard to predict, there are two different weather systems we are watching, one may be absorbed by the other.
Either way, very windy weekend ahead, with a possible gale on Friday morning, another possible strong gale Saturday and beyond.

Update 2pm Sun 1st Nov 2015:
The forcasted wind speeds have dropped a bit since yesterday, for next Saturday 7th Nov.
Now showing the peak to be 51mph gusting 71mph at 6am on Saturday. That's still possible Storm Force winds.

7pm 31st Oct 2015:
This may be a glitch in the system ... or a Halloween stunt ... which I don't think is very funny ...
but both XC and Windguru are showing a Hurricane strength storm here on Sat 7th Nov at 3pm ...
currently showing 60mph gusting 82mph... watch this space !!!!
I have seen this sort of glitch before ... especially as far out as a week in advance ... but I will monitor and update accordingly.

Report Thursday 26th February 2015
While the forcast over the last two days were showing possible 70mph winds for Clifden on Sun/Mon ...
Today they seem to have downgraded the forcast to possible 50mph max for Sat night / Sun morn.

Report Tuesday 24th February 2015
I'm now watching next Monday / Tuesday ... that's the 1st / 2nd March
These storms are all too frequent ... even though I don't do small craft or even gale warnings, it's all too often now.

Report Sunday 22nd February
While the wind doesn't look to be quite a high as earlier forcasts it will be windy.
This wind looks to be with us through Tuesday morning ...
... peaking Monday midday with possible 45mph gusting 61mph winds from the west-ish ... here in Clifden.

Report Wednesday 18th February
Hmmm ... we may have to watch this Sunday night, 22nd Feb ...
one forcast currently showing 54mph gusting 77mph. This may change / or miss us here in Clifden.

Report Thursday 15th January 2015 at 1500hrs
That is what has been named "Storm Rachael".
It has settled here in Clifden, actually is started to settle about, or just before, midday.
Highest gusts clocked on my doorstep was 63mph at 11pm last night and 60mph 3:30am
Regular gust of 50 mph and higher all the way through to about 11am this morning.
Mace Head clocked max gusts of 73mph last night and 74mph this morning.
The next week looks much better from a wind point of view.
That's it from me for now ... signing off.

Update 1930hrs Wed 14th
The computer forcasting models seem to be indicating the worst of the winds
will now pass just north of Clifden, north Mayo / Donegal actually.
So, indications now suggest we, in Clifden, will see
Full Strong Gale Force 9 through the rest of this evening and tonight
with gusts regularily reaching above 60mph through the night until late morning
Peaking about 9am with 54mph winds gusting 71mph
That's possibly Storm Force 10 gusting up to the top end of Violent Storm Force 11.
Having said that, I have just clocked 50mph wind on my doorstep here in town, at 1932hrs.

Report Wednesday 14th January 2015:
The Met Office has issued a Storm Warning for tonight.
And at 1400hrs today Met Eireann issued, what is I think their first, Status Red Weather Warning.
We are coming close to the end of these high winds but ...
Thursday morning, 6am, looks like the peak, 64mph gusting 81mph over Clifden, with barometer down to 964mb.
That's a possible full on Violent Storm Force 11, possibly gusting Hurricane Force 12.

National Weather Warnings
STATUS RED Wind Warning
for Exposed coastal and mountain areas of Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Kerry.
Wind gusts 130 to 150km/h possible
High onshore seas also
Issued: Wednesday 14 January 2015 14:00
Valid: Wednesday 14 January 2015 21:00 to Thursday 15 January 2015 12:00

Report Saturday 10th January 2015:
The forcasters seem to have upgraded Wed/Thur again.
Now showing a drop of barometer to 966mb with winds of 59mph gusting 75mph.

Report Friday 9th January 2015: Update 1
XC has come inline with Windguru, both now showing the worst this week to be Midday on Wed 14th ...
with barometer no lower than 980mb and wind at 51mph gusting 74mph ... again, this may change.

Report Friday 9th January 2015:
Gales plus, for the week, possibbly peaking on Wed 14th / Thurs 15th with full on Storm Force plus.
At the moment the charts are showing another severe system on us by Wed / Thurs with Storm Force winds.
At the moment both XC and Windguru agree with their predictions of 56mph gusting 76mph Wed 9pm.
Windguru is showing that to be the peak.
XC currently shows 78mph gusting 98mph at midnight Wed/Thurs with the baromoter down to 965mb ...
... this may all change by tomorrow.
I do not see a threat of flooding at the pier as we will be on small neap tides.
Wed night has a predicted High Water of 3.6m at about midnight ...
even with barometer low and storm force winds this tide may reach 4.6m ... still 1m below the pier wall.

For comparison, below are my observations from last year's storm:

Friday 3rd January 2014, the predicted High Water for Clifden Bay was 5.0m. The barometer dropped to 961hPa this time and the wind in the harbour reached 63mph, again from varying southerly directions. All of this put together gave us an actual tidal height which peaked at 6.0m. This had the boats at the pier banging on the top edge of the pier wall again, some being washed up on to the pier, with the tide reaching across the pier road.

Report Wednesday 7th January 2015:
These Gale to Strong Gale Force winds may remain with us through to Monday with a slight lull Tuesday.
Next Wednesday 14th may be the one to watch with possible winds of 54mph gusting 79mph over Clifden.

Report Monday 5th January 2015:
Bottom line is, there is a threat of very strong winds through out the next week.
Regular Gales to Strong Gales gusting Storm Force from Wed 7th through to next Monday 12th Jan.

Report Sunday 4th January 2015:
The threat has been upgraded again.
This Thurs, Fri and/or Sat Clifden could have Strong Gale 9
with gusts possibly up to Storm Force 11 or even 12

Report Friday 2nd January 2015
Early today both XC and Winguru showed gusts of 70+mph wind over Clifden on the next Friday, the 9th Jan.
Later today both downgraded this warning to a gale.


Tuesday 9th Dec says pretty much the same and the wind is now with us.
45 mph clocked on my doorstep at 1:30pm.
At the same time "Mace Head" recorded 44 mph gusting 58 mph.
Later in the afternoon the Met Office issued an Amber Alert for the country ...
... and at 5pm the Met Office issued a Storm Warning for the sea areas.

Sunday 7th Dec says Wed may have Strong Gale Force 9 all day and gusting Storm Force 10
in mph that's the high 40 s all day gusting to 60 mph.
Winds easing a bit on Thursday, but still Gale 8 gusting Strong Gale 9.

Saturday 6th Dec says the higher winds will build on Tues 9th, continue to build through Wed 10th
and maybe peaking Thurs 11th in the evening with gusts up to 67 mph.
This could change by then so watch this spot or check your own sources.

Wednesday 3rd Dec says that Tues and Wed 9th & 10th Dec could have 50 to 60 mph winds over Clifden.