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Damian's Suggested Weather Sites for Clifden Weather, with their pros and cons:

YR .no ... Courtesy of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
This one I find good for looking at the likelyhood of rain or sunshine.
It also gives a good overview for the week ahead. But note that wind speeds are usually understated.

XC Weather ... at a glance
This one I like because as you move the cursur over a station (Mace Head is Clifden's nearest)
it gives you current readings along with the history for the previous two hours.

XC Weather ... forcast for Clifden for the next week
This part gives lots of forcasted information including likely baromoter readings.

Windguru .cz ...
The usual info you'd expect but these guys include likely Wave height, period and direction.
Good info to get a feel for what the Sea State might be like.

Met .ie ... as from our own Met Office
This is what the Coastguard reads out to us on the VHF.
This should be your first and last look at the weather before you go to sea.
Also while at sea you should listen to Clifden Coastguard on VHF Ch 26 for updates of this forcast.

Windyty .com ... I stumbled upon this one in November 2015 ... I like it ... nice graphics.

For a larger selection of weather sources that I like to use
please visit the "weather page" of my more global website "Globe Yachting .com" or click here.

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