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Click on the logo above here to go to the ARC website

There are two events here,
one is the original ARC, Gran Canaria to St. Lucia (direct), 2,700nm (nautical miles)
and the second is the ARC+ (via Cape Verde). yachts heading further south to the Verdes before making a 500nm shorter crossing.

Click here to go to the "Fleet Viewer", then pick which fleet you want to see, ARC or ARC plus.

I am following the four Irish flaged yachts, Endeavor of Cork, Exhale, Jasmine and Rogue Trader.
Endeavor of Cork
is in the ARC plus fleet with start date Sunday 6th November 2016.
The other three are in the ARC fleet with start date Sunday 20th November 2016.

If they do post logs, here is the easiest way to get to them
ARC Plus Fleet ... Conor Phelan's Endeavor of Cork click here ... a Beneteau Oceanis 41 monohull (41ft) ... Yes, is posting logs.
ARC Fleet ... Derry Good's Exhale click here ... an X-43 monohull (43ft) ... Yes, is posting logs.
ARC Fleet ... Nicholas Musgrave's Jasmine click here ... a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50DS monohull (50ft) ... Yes, is posting logs.
ARC Fleet ... Nicholas Russell's Rogue Trader click here ... a Reliant 49 monohull (49ft)


If any other yacht catches your attention and you'd like a shortcut added here ... just let me know it's name.

More short cuts may follow here soon.

Just below here is a photo of my own 38ft yacht called "Magic Number" crossing the finish line in ARC 2001

Click here to see a map showing the actual track we took to get to the start of ARC 2001 and our way home again.
That whole trip was a 12 month and two weeks trip to remember !!!
While on the map page you can click on any leg to read my log reports for that leg.
Alternatively click here to read any / all of my journels / logs for that era.
This is my documentation of a very exciting 5 years of my life ... 1997 to 2002.